NUI Galway Spin Outs

Bringing Breakthrough Innovations to Market

Many of the research breakthroughs at our university lead to the formation of new companies. These spin-outs bring innovations to market and create employment and impact. In the last 5 years, we have spun-out 14 companies, bringing our number of active spin-outs to over 20.

Spin-Out Quick Links

AnalyzeIQ, :: Aquila Bioscience :: AtriAN Medical :: Aurigen Medical :: Bioprobe Diagnostics :: Derilinx :: Kite Medical :: Loci Therapeutics :: Neurent Medical :: NVP Energy :: OneProjects :: Onk Therapeutics :: Orbsen Therapeutics :: Peracton :: ProVerum :: Qpercom :: Sedicii Innovations :: Signum Surgical :: Tympany Medical :: Venari Medical :: Vetex Medical :: WestWay Health

Life Sciences

Aquila Bioscience

Aquila Bioscience is developing revolutionary decontamination technologies that protect against harmful pathogens and other viral infections such as coronavirus.

Atrian Medical

Atrian Medical is developing a treatment to combat Atrial Fibrillation, a common form of abnormal heart rhythm, affecting millions of people worldwide. 

Aurigen Medical

AuriGen Medical is transforming the management of longstanding persistent atrial fibrillation by developing the first cardiac implant to treat both the stroke and arrhythmia risk.

BioProbe Diagnostics

BioProbe Diagnostics is developing proprietary technologies for the detection and identification of microbial contaminants.

Neurent Medical

Neurent Medical is developing non-surgical interventions that treat chronic inflammatory Sino-Nasal diseases.

ONK Therapeutics

Onk Therapeutics is developing next-generation cell therapies targeting solid and hematological cancers.

Orbsen Therapeutics

Orbsen Therapeutics, a regenerative medicine company, is using proprietary technology to develop ground-breaking stromal cell treatments.

Signum Surgical

Signum Surgical is committed to developing innovative solutions to treat patients with colorectal diseases, starting with anal fistula.

Vetex Medical

Vetex Medical is focused on venous clot management solutions, developing a platform technology to treat Venous Thromboembolism.


Embo Medical Ltd.

Established in 2012, Embo Medical produced the first one-shot peripheral vascular embolization device called the Caterpillar; a unique platform technology for use in the field of embolization; a minimally invasive procedure to deliberately and permanently stop blood flow in a blood vessel.


FeelTect’s technology, Tight Alright, is a pressure sensing, connected-health device for measuring and monitoring sub-bandage pressure during compression therapy, primarily for the millions of people worldwide with venous leg ulcers (VLUs).

Kite Medical

Kite Medical's mission is to provide a patient-focused solution that will screen children at risk for kidney reflux.

Loci Orthopaedics

Loci Orthopaedics is a medical device company specialising in the development of orthopaedic technologies to meet unmet clinical needs.

Tympany Medical

Tympany Medical is an innovative MedTech Start Up based in Galway, Ireland. The co-founders Rory O’Callaghan and Dr. Elizabeth McGloughlin completed the BioInnovate Ireland programme in 2016.
Their goal is to deliver the next-generation of sterile endoscope technology.

Venari Medical

Venari Medical develops medical devices for life-changing patient outcomes in venous disease.

Westway Health

Westway Health is developing novel anti-infective agents to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria, while providing effective therapeutic care.

Information & Communications Technology

Analyze IQ

Analyze IQ Limited develops and sells an innovative, patent-protected software suite for analysis of the composition of mixtures, based on molecular spectroscopy data.

Clearsight (RiskConnect)

ClearSight LLC are a global leader in risk, safety, and claims software and services. Aquired by RiskConnect in October 2019, the company now provides integrated risk management solutions, offering the visibility to reduce risk, increase efficiency, and improve organizational performance.


Derilinx provides high-quality linked and open data solutions, paving the way for improved use of business intelligence.

MDG Web Ltd.

MDG Web develops Seevl, a music discovery assistant, that crawls the internet to gather information about artists, bands, labels and genres, to deliver the best possible user-experience to music lovers and ensuring that artists get exposure and drive new fans.


Peracton is exploiting advanced AI technologies to build, improve, test and execute complex investment and trading algorithms.


Qpercom's digital platforms are used to highlight, choose and analyse the best candidates where interviews are used as part of exams, assessment centres, admissions and other selection processes. 

Sedicii Innovations

Sedicii is creating a federated, global identity verification network which enables real-time identity verification by certified, trusted identity providers.


NVP Energy

NVP Energy’s experienced team deliver a highly efficient and sustainable wastewater treatment solution to meet your site’s needs.

VorTech Water Solutions

VorTech Water Solutions address the world’s leading water and wastewater challenges by developing and delivering innovative, cost effective solutions that make a real difference towards improving the sustainability of the industry.